Dragon Slayer 2: 10 Steps to Walkthrough and Win the Quest rewards simply

Dragon Slayer 2 is the sequel of some of the distinguished quest gaming collection in historical past. No doubt, this free-to-play quest is essentially the most difficult one you’ll enjoy in a very long time. To the reader’s wonder, after the good fortune of Dragon Slayer Section One, the place avid gamers stroll during the recreation to slay Elvarg, phase two, launched in 2018, has pop out just a little sturdy. For avid gamers who’ve now not skilled Dragon Slayer I, we advise that you simply entire phase one first, as it’s going to allow you to perceive the plot at a greater stage. Within the tournament that you need to enjoy Dragon Slayer 2, which indisputably has trendy graphic Enjoy, sound, and visualization to supply, right here’s a glimpse of its plot. 

Forward of the plot, on this studying, we give you a ten step walkthrough information to win this quest. So, let’s get began pragmatic play

What’s the plot of Dragon Slayer 2? 

While you start the search Dragon Slayer 2, you’ll dive into the sport, and your major objective stands to slay the dragon because the name suggests. On the other hand, the place to begin? Who’s your pal? And who’s your foe? It can be other to understand in the beginning. However, the plot clarification will allow you to put 2 and a pair of in combination. 

Initially, the tale of Dragon Slayer 2 revolves across the town referred to as karamja. It was once part of an island referred to as Crandor island. Essentially the most anxious a part of this island was once that it had a volcano proper within the heart. Henceforth, if any volcano had erupted, it could have taken all of the island with it. On the other hand, that didn’t occur. As a substitute, Elvarg, the dragon came about!

All over an unlucky hour previously, Dragon Elvarg attacked the town Karamja and was once totally destroyed. No doubt, the voters of the town burned to demise. Most effective 3 wizards survived the Elvarg assault, a.ok.a. Thalzar, Melzar, and Lozar. 

Dragon Slayer 2

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So as to give protection to folks from Elvarg’s merciless energy, the wizards tore the map of the Crandore into 3 items. Additional forward, conceal each and every piece past the aptitude of those that can not tackle and entire the problem. 

Thus, within the Dragon Slayer 2 walkthrough, your adventure will start by way of taking a ship to Crandore. However, sooner than that, you need to entire quests with a view to reach the entire map items. 

For the reason that dragon’s major energy is the hearth part, you’ll even have to finish quests with a view to reach guns (shields) to give protection to towards dragon fireplace. In a similar fashion, each and every quest in Dragon Slayer 2 provides away some form of benefit. 

Finally, the participant is going to the Crandor and slays the dragon. 

Tips on how to entire Dragon Slayer 2 Quests? 10 Steps to Walkthrough the Recreation

For essentially the most phase, while you first input the sport, the search may not be unlocked straight away. It’s a must to earn them. For instance, to start out the adventure of quests in Dragon Slayer 2, you’ll have to earn no less than 200 quest issues. Retaining that during thoughts, let’s skip to the stairs: 

#Step 1: Examine Elvarg!

This step does now not contain any form of fight or decision-making. It’s merely the start so you’ll calm down. While you input the sport view Dragon Slayer 2, you’ll be at premises referred to as Fantasy Guild. At the out of doors, you’ll see an individual. Communicate to him. He’s going to let you know to speak to Jones. Additional forward, Dallas Jones will entertain you with the investigation of Elvarg, the dragon who destroyed the town in Dragon Slayer Section I. 

Now, you’ll trip to the lair. There may be an previous and historic laboratory. Whilst looking within the library, you’ll come throughout a couple of notes. Learn them. 

Subsequent, there comes fight between you and the extent 100 spawn that was once just lately unshelled. Defeat the spawn and transfer on! As soon as the spawn is useless, test the mural he got here from. There can be a observe citing “Lithkren.” Viewing this title, Jones and also you (participant) will take at the adventure to the island the place Lithkren lives.

Quest 1 is partially entire right here. 

#Step 2: Area at the Hill

Initially, that is going to be an entertaining step. That’s proper! Since you get to discover all of the area (fortress) of a dragonkin. In keeping with the legends, Dragonkin is individuals who imagine that they had been dragons of their earlier existence. Now, there are 24 items of the map to Fossil Island on this area. And Fossil Island is the place Lithkeren lives. So, you might have discovered the entire items. 

Dragon Slayer 2

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This is the record of places for the entire items: 

  • Within the chest (map items provide: 5)
  • Within the chest (tale: most sensible) (map items provide: 3)
  • inside of/across the briar at the again of the home (map items provide: seven)
  • Move east > to find mushtree > cross inside of (map items provide: 5)
  • Move to the staircase inside of the home > discover a bump of Fungi > glance inside of (map items provide: 4)

Now, take the entire items and put them anyplace. Jones and you’ll have to craft a whole map out of those items like a puzzle. After getting the map to the fossil island able, it’s time to assemble a ship. Or, how would you sail there? 

For the boat, you’ll require to speak to Jardic, who’s close by the shore out of doors the fortress. Accumulate the next pieces as Jardic mentioned that you wish to have to build one. Pieces you wish to have can be oak planks (8), nails (12), and swamps (10). Take the entire apparatus to the Mushroom woodland. There you’ll to find enough house to construct a ship. 

#Step 3: Lithkeren at the Fossil Island

Is your boat building entire? Waste no time, come aboard at the boat and head to the North Course. Now, at the boat itself, you’ll have to entire a couple of quick quests. At the boat, you’ll discover a staircase that can take you down. There, you’ll witness a trapdoor. Now, cross down into the door. There, you’ll to find Dallas, assist him open the door to the dorm. 

Now, within the dorm, there’s a quest for you. It’s to search out Bob The Cat. Who’s he? Neatly! Let’s to find out within the subsequent quest. 

#Step 4: In finding Bob The Cat

That is going to be difficult however dangle on! The Dragon Slayer 2 information will stroll via it. To take action, you’ll require catspeak from the pieces you might have. For those who shouldn’t have it, there’s a protracted method to to find bob the cat. This is:

  • Stand by way of the Anvils which can be found in West Varrock. 
  • Stay hopping worlds till you discover a cat. 

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Now that you simply to find the cat, it’s going to merely be a cat as a result of he has no recollection of his earlier existence. In keeping with our analysis, in a prior existence, Bob The Cat was once certainly Robert The Robust – a ranger. He was once now not any ranger however a unique person who had details about the Dragon key. However, as a result of Bob is solely a cat now, he doesn’t know anything else about his earlier existence. 

On the other hand, there’s anyone who can assist him within the magical international. And that’s – Theoneiromancer who’s at the lunar aisle. He has the ability to revive Bob’s recollections as Robert the Robust. 

On this step, there’s additionally Sphinx, who you suppose will assist Bob. However, no. So, you’ll skip that. 

#Step 5: Oneiromancer – trail to Robert the Robust

This quest could be very easy. All you wish to have to do is get via to the Lunar Isle. There, Oneiromancer is provide. What’s Oneiromancer? This is a religious head from the Greeks referred to as the Moon extended family. In keeping with the legend, Oneiromancer has the ability to deviate in line with one’s dream. 

Thus, while you succeed in the Oneiromancer, all you wish to have to do is create a potion for which you’ll have to upload the next substances in combination: 

  • Take a dream vial.
  • Fill it with water. 
  • Goutweed (to be had in pieces)
  • Floor Astral Rune

Now, the dream potion is able. Your next step is lighting fixtures the brazier within the west route of the Oneiromancer. Finally, pour the potion on Oneiromancer. Consequently, Bob The Cat could have recollections again of existence as Robert the Robust. 

#Step 6: Get the Dragon Key in Dragon Slayer 2

It’s important to notice that the dragon key’s an very important a part of the sport. So, right here’s easy methods to get it:

Please observe that during a prior existence, Robert the Robust and his warfare buddies concealed the items of keys in numerous sacred premises to stay them clear of falling into the mistaken palms. Listed here are the ones places: 

  • Karajan Temple is living within the Kharazi Jungle – within the CenterPoint of the maze.
  • The second one piece of key’s tricky to search out as a result of Tristan (Robert’s best friend) by no means advised him the hiding position of the second one piece. Tristan is not alive, however their descendants are. You meet his decedent, however they decline to ship the piece. Ava will create a mystical orb that can assist to find the piece within the Mort Myre Swamp. 

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  • To score the 3rd piece of the important thing, you’ll have to fight the Dragon Vorkanth, who’s the mother or father of the important thing. If you kill the dragon the usage of a dragon defend, take a adventure again to the laboratory of dragonkin. There, the important thing you took from Dragon Vargoth will release a room that has the true piece. 
  • Final however now not least, the fourth piece of the bottom line is within the Shayzien Crypts. To succeed in there, cross to the Arceuus Library > communicate with Archie > Imerominia will inform you concerning the Camorra’s key > take a adventure to Amelia of Shayzien > cross deep into the crypt. 

#Step 7: Get well Dragon Key items into one ultimate key in Dragon Slayer 2

This step isn’t as easy because it sounds sensible. To take action, practice the stairs given beneath:

  • Take a adventure to the traditional cavern. 
  • There are 3 dragon constructions provide. 
  • Entire a puzzle with a view to set those constructions on fireplace. 
  • Get right of entry to the anvil and use the dragon key items on it. 
  • The overall dragon key will recover. 

Do you take into accout? Lithkeren was once looking to open a door again at the boat. This dragon key’s the important thing to that door. So, it’s time to return to the door and in the end open what’s in the back of it! 

#Step 8: Meet the Dragons in the back of the door

Once more, it’s time to meet the Dragonkin Zorgoth at the side of Galvez. They each are in the back of the door. Morgoth tells Lithkeren and the participant that during earlier experiments, dragons had been making plans to battle again towards humanity. Within the interim, Galvek assaults and kills Lithkeren. However, Bob the Cat and also you simply get away the situation. 

#Step 9: Dragon Slayer Walkthrough: Allies

Because the dragon drive is far more potent now than sooner than, the entire human kingdoms within the recreation require to battle in combination. So, you’ll have to hobby them in combating with you. Listed here are the site and names of kingdoms: 

  • Varrock citadel 
  • Ardougne, 
  • Falador, and 
  • Rellekka to fingers.

In Varrock citadel, sign up for the assembly the place each and every kingdom king plans to invade Angel as dragons are living there. 

#Step 10: After all, defeat the dragon

At this remaining step, the general battle will happen in Rellekka. So, head in opposition to it the place you’ll assist and sign up for the invasion fleet deliberate by way of kings. Subsequent, The fleet will leave. Consequently, the Dragonkin will get ready and order a dragon military to defeat the imminent fleet. The battle can be large, and so there are more than one occasions for you to sign up for in, for instance, construction a boat and so forth.

However, Galvek and Zorgoth additionally really feel threatened, so they start fight with you. Within the struggle, Bob The Cat dies in addition to the guards provide. In an effort to fight face-to-face with Galvok, first, you need to come across the steel dragons. Stay going!

Dragon Slayer 2

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Please observe that the general battle isn’t going to be simple. Henceforth, stay the entire Dragon Slayer 2 guns in hand. Galvek’s one remaining try to kill you’ll motive demise to Zorgoth as the hearth directs in opposition to him mistakenly. 

Now that Zorgoth and Galvek are useless, you’ll return to the Myths’ Guild, the place you started the sport. 

On the finish of the search, you’ll win: 

  • 5 Issues for Quest
  • Smithing Enjoy (25 thousand)
  • Mining Enjoy (18 thousand)
  • Agility Enjoy (15 thousand)
  • Thieving Enjoy (15 thousand)
  • Unfastened Access to the Myths’ Guild
  • Talent/Talents/Pieces to create dragon plate our bodies
  • And remaining however now not least, ability to create Ava’s Assembler


So, are you able to finish the adventure of demo slot pragmatic ? With this temporary information on Dragon Slayer 2, we are hoping that you simply succeed in your vacation spot in time. On the other hand, if any further demanding situations are available in between, face them with out worry for the reason that recreation is unpredictable. One mistaken transfer can lead you on a brand new adventure. So, keep one step forward. For extra in Dragon Slayer 2 online game collection, stay us for your bookmark! Thanks. 

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