Purchasing Information for Diamond Jewelry

Proudly owning a diamond has been equated with magnificence, sophistication and status. Diamonds are virtually at all times part of romantic gestures. Diamond rings are used to suggest marriages, they’re worn as engagement rings or proficient as anniversary items. It’s stated that Cupid’s arrow tip is studded with diamonds and therefore the deep-rooted romantic reference to diamonds.

You have to have a dozen causes to possess a diamond jewelry, however do you recognize the nuance eager about purchasing those sparkly valuable stones? It might be your first actual diamond acquire or it might be an annual purchasing ritual, however now not realizing what to search for whilst you purchase diamonds is usually a bummer. So, what to search for when buying diamonds? Is there a information to shop for diamonds?

You could have heard concerning the 4Cs of a diamond. However whilst you plan to shop for diamonds, then you wish to have to understand the 5Cs of shopping for a diamond:


The reduce of a diamond is the most important side of a diamond as it determines how a diamond interacts with mild. The reduce of a diamond now not simply lends to its attractiveness but in addition affects it’s brightness, fireplace and scintillation. A poorly reduce diamond can in truth make it glance boring, while a very good reduce won’t most effective make the diamond glance stunning.

So, what’s the reduce of a diamond? Minimize isn’t to be at a loss for words with form of the diamond. It’s a lot more than form. It’s the high quality of the workmanship and the other proportions and preparations of aspects or surfaces of the diamonds. This side of a diamond generally is a bit daunting to know as a result of the technicalities concerned like the perspective and varnish and symmetry and intensity. Therefore doing some research in this sooner than you try to shop for diamonds could be protected. Or you’ll merely ask the professionals at Tanishq Diamonds that can assist you out! 


The second one essential side of a diamond that makes it sparkly is the color of the diamond or fairly the absence of color within the diamond. Diamonds are graded from colourless (D) to a moderately yellowish tinge (Z).

Upper the diamond on this order (just about colourless), the extra treasured it’s going to be. The color can’t be seen by way of the untrained eye. Just a gemmologist can grade a diamond in accordance with its color, that too it’s preferably executed sooner than the diamond is about in a work of jewelry.


No one likes impurities and imperfections, proper? The clearer, the easier. Then again, diamond being a uncooked stone discovered underneath the earth, do have a small stage of herbal impurities, blemishes or inclusions at the floor and likewise inside of them. Therefore, although diamonds can’t be totally natural, the impurity can also be in various stage. A diamond’s readability refers back to the absence of inclusions or blemishes.

The flawless diamonds are those with the least quantity of impurity and are very uncommon. Therefore those are extra treasured. Once more, impurity or blemish is frequently now not noticed by way of the bare eye and is expertly graded by way of gemmologists most effective.


Many of us affiliate the time period carat with the dimensions of the diamond. Carat is in truth the load and now not measurement of diamonds. The phrase originates from Ceratonia siliqua, usually referred to as the Carob tree.

In precedent days, sooner than scales and devices of mass had been invented, diamond investors when compared the load of a diamond to the seeds of the Carob tree.

1 carat is the same as roughly 0.2 grams in weight. Whilst upper carat diamonds can also be dear as a result of the load, the cost of two diamonds of the similar carat can also be other. That is owing to the opposite 3 Cs – reduce, color and readability.


The rest treasured wishes a certification and diamonds are not any exception. A certificates serves as a ensure or insurance coverage for the diamonds you purchase. Tanishq supplies shoppers with a Certificates of with each piece in their diamond jewelry.

Make a choice a reputed jeweller

Along with those 5Cs, there’s another essential C that are meant to be thought to be whilst purchasing diamonds and that’s the Number of jeweller. One wishes to shop for diamond jewelry from a reputed jeweller. Diamonds being valuable stones are an enormous funding. And to the bare eye, it can be a little bit tough to tell apart between an actual diamond and a faux one or the other main points of readability, color and carat. So, the probabilities of being duped by way of an unknown or native jeweller is dangerously prime. A reputed jeweller like Tanishq won’t most effective give you a correct certificates for the jewelry you purchase from them, they will even information you as a professional in opting for the very best diamond for the very best instance.


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